A sweet topping for a hearty winter salad!

This time of year, the market is plentiful with meat, eggs, cheese, winter greens and  root vegetables. It's a limited palate compared to summer, but equally abundant. Here's a salad that is both attractive and delicious. I would eat this everyday for flavor and composition. It made me very happy and left me satisfied. Serves 1-2 people. Ingredients: winter greens, Canadian bacon and dates image1(1) 1 bag hardy baby greens **the one with kale, chard, etc 2 slices Canadian bacon 2 pitted dates chopped small 1/2 avocado diced Drizzle of olive oil 1 tsp pear balsamic vinegar (or vinegar of choice) Dash of salt and pepper. (Optional additions: nuts, cheese, or onions) Clean, stem and chop the greens. ,fry and chop bacon, chop dates and avocado. Toss in a bowl with vinegar, oil and a dash of salt and pepper. This is a clean, quick delight and guaranteed to revive memories of summer.  Add grated Parmesan, or any of the amazing cheeses available at market, for another layer of flavor. No dates, use raisins or currents. You're the artist. Play and enjoy. Additional suggestions: 1 make cornbread as a side. It warms up the house and fills out the menus. 2. Fry and egg or two and serve with fresh sourdough toast or the warm cornbread. Whatever you do, make this salad. It's Delish!!