Buy Local

All around our nation, folks are realizing the benefits of getting food from sources close to home. It's the Locavore movement, and it makes sense for the planet. At the Ithaca Market you know it's fresh. You can buy fresh produce, meat, cheese, eggs, all kinds of garden plants right from the grower. Sometimes, they just picked it that very morning! (You won't find bananas or pineapples in our climate!) And if one of our artisan's work strikes your fancy, you know it was skillfully and creatively made by the person you're buying it from. Spectacular breakfast and lunch offerings provide something for everyone's taste... whether it's local flavor or from a host of international cuisines. Our is not a "farmers market" where vendors buy crates of broccoli from afar and repack it to sell to you. Every vendor who applies to join the Market must have their products juried by a committee of their peers, to assure quality and originality. And what they're selling must be grown or crafted within 30 miles of Ithaca... ...That's Local to the Max!