Top your homemade bagels with prepared foods from market!

Bagels are the perfect blank canvas for the many ready made products available at the Ithaca Farmer's Market. May I suggest the fresh made Ithaca Hummus, locally made jams, honey, cheese and maple syrup. Or whip up some fresh eggs, bacon and ham.  Anyway you top them, these NY style bagels are sure to please.
NY Style Bagels
2 teaspoons of active dry yeast
1 ½ tablespoons of granulated sugar
1 1/2 cups of warm water (you may need ± ¼ cup more, I know I did)
3 ½ cups (500g) of bread flour or high gluten flour(will need extra for kneading)
1 ½ teaspoons of salt
This recipe is fool proof and comes from the Sophisticated Gourmet. Here's the link.
Mix the yeast, sugar and 1/2 cup of warm water, 110 degrees.  Let sit until frothy. In the meantime, in a large bowl, combine the bread flour and salt.
When the yeast is ready, add it to the flour with 1 cup of warm water and mix well. You may need to add 1/4 cup more water. Kneed it until combined.
Place the dough on a flour dusted surface and kneed for approximately 10 minutes until elastic and smooth.
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Place in a greased bowl (use olive oil or butter) and let rise for 90 minutes in a warm area.
When double in size, cut into 8 - 10 pieces. Kneed each individual piece and shape into a ball. Using your thumb, poke a hole in the center and widen it until it looks like a bagel.
Cover with a moist towel and let them rest for 10-20 minutes while you boil a large pot of water. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.
When the water is boiling, boil each bagel for a few minutes, turning once.
Remove from the water using a slotted spoon and drain well.
Placed on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper or slightly greased with oil or butter.
Bake for 20 minutes at 425 until golden brown.

Crowd pleasin’ rhubarb cherry crisp!

Rhubarb Cherry Crisp, a crowd pleaser! 6 cups chopped Rhubarb (3/4" pieces) 1 cup dried cherries 1 1/2 cups sugar 1/4 cup flour 1/2 tsp cinnamon Crumble topping 2 cups flour 1 1/2 cups packed brown sugar 1 cups old fashioned oats 1 1/2 stick melted butter Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. image (3) Combine the chopped rhubarb, cherries, flour, sugar and cinnamon.  Stir until well combined and spread evenly into a 9x13x2 baking dish. image_1 (3) For the crumble topping, mix together the flour, brown sugar, oats and melted butter. Stir until well mixed and spread evenly over the fruit. Bake at 375 degrees for 35 minutes or until bubbling. When it's finished baking, serve it with vanilla ice cream. The rhubarb and cherries are a perfect sweet, tart pairing.   image_2 (3) If you have Rhubarb in your garden, you may also want to cut the blooms and use them for a lovely arrangement!   image_3 (3)

The BEST way to cook fresh market asparagus

Asparagus is hitting the Ithaca Farmers Market this week. Come on down and gather the goodness. There's nothing tastier than fresh roasted asparagus. Grab some homemade pasta, some fresh meat, herbs, and flowers to compose a lovely spring dinner. To roast the asparagus, wash it and trim the bottoms. Pat dry and spread evenly across a cookie sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. Roast at 425 degrees for approximately 12 minutes. If you have extra, which is doubtful, these tender green stalks of goodness are yummy in quiche or an omelette. Just gather some eggs, herbs and bacon from our outstanding vendors for a Sunday morning treat. image (3)

Dressing up your spring greens salad

A light vinaigrette is the perfect way to dress the spring greens available at The Ithaca Farmer's Market.
Follow this recipe and enjoy with your favorite greens.Zest and juice from one lemon 2 tbls white balsamic vinegar 2 cloves garlic grated (Note: you can also replace the garlic cloves with 1-2 stems of fresh green garlic, available at market) 1 tbls honey Fresh thyme (or other fresh spring herb) 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil Salt and pepper to taste
image_1 (2)
Zest and juice the lemon into a bowl.
image_2 (2)
Grate in the garlic.
image_3 (2)
Add the thyme leaves from three sprigs of thyme.
Whisk in the white balsamic vinegar, honey,olive oil, salt and pepper. Store In a glass bottle or jar. Shake
Before using. You can also substitute maple syrup for the honey. Both are tasty. Enjoy!
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This spring recipe is very thyme-ly

Pizza is the blank canvas of the culinary world. Once you master the art of pizza dough, it opens many doors for various toppings.  This pizza is built with a pre-roasted chicken and boiled potatoes. Add a tasty sauce, bacon, loads of fresh herbs from market, and arugula, and you have a delicious meal.
My grandmother's pizza dough by Rosie Milito
1 packet self-rising yeast
1 1/2 cups warm water (110 degrees)
3 1/2 cups bread flour
2 tlbs olive oil
1 tlbs kosher salt
1 tlbs sugar
Add the yeast packet to 1/2 cup of water (110 degrees) and 1 tbls sugar and let it proof. Do not stir.
In a large bowl mix the flour and salt. Mix and create a well in the center. Once the yeast is frothy, add it to the flour. Add the additional cup of water and olive oil. Mix it until well combined. If it feels dry, add just enough water to moisten it. Turn it out onto a floured surface and kneed it for approximately 10 minutes until elastic and smooth. Place it in a bowl coated in olive oil. Place a damp towel over it and let it rise until double--about 90 minutes.
In the meantime, go to the farmer's market and shop for fresh herbs, bacon chicken, potatoes, Rosie's garlic scape pesto (available at Six  Circles Farm), arugula and your favorite cheese. I used mozzarella.
Preheat your oven to 475 degrees while you prep your toppings.
Once the dough is ready, kneed it until smooth.  This dough will make two pizzas. Divide it in half, roll out the dough and coat with Rosie's garlic scape pesto.
Place the pizza dough on an oiled sheet pan or parchment paper. Next, add your toppings, chopped bacon, boned roasted chicken, boiled potatoes, fresh thyme, arugala and mozzarella.
Bake at 475 degrees for approximately 15-18 minutes or until golden. Brush the top of the crust with olive oil when finished.
With asparagus, spinach, mushrooms and various herbs showing up at the market, feel free to experiment with your pizza toppings. Spring is a great time for pizza.