It’s melon season! Try them with ice cream

Cantaloupe and Vanilla Sundae Two yummy ingredients: image1(4) Find a smallish cantaloupe, cut it in half, and remove the seeds. You"ll have two cantaloupe bowls. Fill generously with your favorite vanilla ice and indulge. Growing up, this was a family favorite. It remains a highlight dish for cantaloupe season. Feel free to add blueberries for that little extra something.

This sweet pepper recipe won’t make it out of the pan!

image2(2) The Shishitos are finally coming in!  The most delicious sweet pepper.  Supposedly you can use them in recipes but they've never lasted long enough. Plant-pan-mouth. Noelia from Oxbow farm sold me the first of the season at the Ithaca Farmers Market Olive oil, salt and pepper. image3 Sauté ever so lightly until they pop a bit and Carmelize. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, to taste. image4 Scramble up some eggs, serve on toast and top with fresh market tomatoes and basil. Serve with a side of sautéed Shishitos. Yummy! image5

Our 2016 spring music schedule is here!

People love to come to all our markets for the food and the community, but the variety of music is also a main draw! Find out in the below poster when your favorite musicians will be at the pavilion, Dewitt Park, and East Hill Plaza! MusicscheduleIFM2016 copy

Ithaca cracks the list of top 20 markets for foodies … thanks TripAdvisor!

See what they said about us? It's all true!


This great farmers market has been around since 1973, preaching the concept of “joyous commerce,” making it fun to shop and communicate with others in the community. Four locations make it easy to visit no matter where your vacation rental is located (Steamboat Landing, Dewitt Park, East Hill Plaza and Hancock Street). From the reviewers: “The numerous food vendors are truly street chefs who provide a range of delicious opportunities from the ever popular breakfast burritos to equally coveted and authentic Cambodian, Cuban, Greek, Indian, Vegan – even local Amish – dishes, soups, cheeses, organic breads and pastries. There is something for everyone.”

Frosty Morning Jewelry’s incredible creations

Meet Sandy Yahner of Frosty Morning Jewelry! Sandy is celebrating her 10th year selling her precious metal jewelry at the Ithaca Farmers’ Market. If you stop by her booth you will be drawn in by the eye-catching fine silver (and bronze) jewelry and the attractive display of her lovely necklaces and earrings. Sandy’s creations are a locavore’s delight since many of her works feature indigenous plants, stones and reproductions of the Finger Lakes. Frosty Morning jewelry is either 99.9% fine silver, sterling silver or bronze.
Sandy explains that precious metal clay is composed of a binder and precious metal *(silver or bronze) which she mixes together and shapes into a slab. Next she proceeds to texture it, stamp it or put it in a mold. Sandy has made molds of animal shapes, antique buttons as well as many local leaves or seeds.
After forming the jewelry it is then fired in a kiln about the size of a large microwave oven at 1,650 to 1,520 degrees Fahrenheit.  During the firing the binder burns off leaving the silver (or bronze) jewelry.  Sandy explains that she is able to get amazing textures and images in her jewelry with the precious metal clay.  She exclaims that it is “kind of magic”.  All her earrings have sterling silver ear wires, an important consideration for those with sensitive ears due to metal allergies.
Sandy’s studio is located on her 212 acre farm in Virgil, in Cortland County, about 3 miles away from the Greek Peak Ski Resort.  She makes her fine jewelry in an Amish style shed that has been transformed into a studio. Sandy lives with her husband Jim, 2 mules, a donkey, 2 sheep, 8 chickens, 1 guinea fowl, 2 cats, 2 dogs and a bunny. Her business is named after Frosty, a beloved mule that she had for years and the fact that she lives at a high elevation so in the late fall through early spring she experiences many frosty mornings.  This is a perfect location to contemplate nature, which serves as a constant source of inspiration for her work. Some of her most popular pieces are the Cayuga Lake stone necklaces which combine a thin stone from Cayuga Lake with textured disks of Copper, Bronze or Silver.
Sandy’s interest in creating exquisite pieces of jewelry started in college where she majored in art and art education, specializing in jewelry making and traditional metal smithing.  She went on to teach many types of art at the Marathon Central School District for over 30 years.
You can find Sandy Saturdays and Sundays at Steamboat Landing and at many of the mid-week satellite markets on Wednesdays and Thursdays and at the winter market at the Space at GreenStar.  In addition to selling at the Ithaca Farmers’ Market, you can also find Frosty Morning Creations at Ithacamade, August Moon Spa and the Virgil Country Market.
Inline image 2
Photo credits:   The photos of Sandy making jewelry in her studio were taken by Polly Joan Photography.