New This Week – 8/15/09

Ever Green Farm - Cherry tomatoes and Heirloom tomatoes are now in!  And don't forget, Joe offers the best in certified organic, free-range pastured chickens!  Summer isn't over yet so grill out today!

MacDondald Farm - Shelley just wanted to let everyone know that her saurerkraut is on the way! 

Beechnut Productions - Stop by and see Joan on Sundays to check out her beautiful new needle felted buttons and fabric post cards!  These are one-of-a-kind items that would make the perfect gift!

Art of Dee - Take a peek at the beautiful new painting "Angel of Abundance" by Dee Sprague.  She's now creating her originals on antique footstools and wood boards!

Spirit and Kitsch - Alice has been busy!  Stop by the market every Sunday to see her new, freshly recycled, record paintings! 

Blue Oyster Cultivation - Joe and Wendy Rizzo are now offering Blue Oyster kits!  Grow your own oyster mushrooms!  Perfect for home schoolers, science projects, home cultivators and gourmets!

New This Week – 8/8/09

Fifth Floor Farm Kitchen - Faye has done it again!  Delicious cheese tarts with a variety of fruit toppings!  Stop by every Sunday and see Faye for all your healthy, sweet treats!

FUNction Art - As requested, Nance is bringing in a new selection of her beautiful knobs!  And don't forget to check out her fantastic new gallery, The Gallerage, in Groton, NY.  Check out her website at to see more work from Ithaca Market artists!

New This Week – 8/1/09

Buried Treasures Organic Farm - Doug Newman in booth #37 now has potatoes (bold gold and purple varieties).  Also new: Japanese long cucumbers, three kinds of garlic, sungold cherry tomatoes and carrots!

Black Diamond Farm - In booth #14, Jackie has luscious little plums, amazing apricots and apriums (a cross between apricots and plums).  And don't forget to check out her beautiful blueberries!

Frosty Morning Jewelry - Sandy is now using Cayuga Lake stones combined with sterling silver, copper, and brass to create unique pendants!  Check them out every Sunday!

Cherry Knoll Farm - The U-Pick Blueberries is now open!  Monday thru Friday: 9-4 PM, Saturday: 9-4 PM, Sunday: 10-3 PM.  Wine tasting available at the U-Pick.

New This Week – 7/25/09

FingerLakes Dexter Creamery - Rose Marie  Belforti is now offering delicious grated Kefir cheese.  It now comes in several varieties so there is something for everyone!

Osakaya - Chiyo and her daughter will be at the Ithaca Artists' Market Friday July 31st from 2 - 8pm.  Japanese food goes great with wine and art!

Bonnie Dee Massage - Stop by and see Bonnie for a 5-minute "Recession Session" with or without body bongers for only $5.00.  Affordable for everyone!

Ely Fruit Farms - Established in 1840 and operated by 10th generation owners (not to mention at the same location), the farm is undergoing a "rebirth" with new cherry and peach trees being replanted to replace aging trees.  They hope to have juice in the fall when the grapes are ready and hope to be back on track as soon as possible!

Sabol's Farm - Richard in booth #35 now has baby summer squash, beans, and new red potatoes.  A perfect blend for a perfect summer salad!

Mary Shelley - Like cats?  Bring a friend and stop by booth #56 and see Mary's fantastic new cat carving! 

Fifth Floor Farm Kitchen - Faye has just created a blueberry tart that is a delight for the tastebuds.  A wonderful combination of  nutty texture and juicy sweetness!

New This Week – 07/18/09

Fifth Floor Farm Kitchen - Stop in and see Faye every Sunday and try one of her delicious baked goods!  New this week: fresh fruit tarts.

Ihnken's Creations - Mary Beth's one of the artists in "Barrels in the Finger Lakes!"  The barrels are displayed all over the Finger Lakes and Mary Beth's two beautiful creations are displayed at Sheldrake Vineyards.  These items will be up for auction soon; stop by and find out more in Booth #85 every Saturday.

Ever Green Farm - Joe is now offering certified organic, free-range pasture chicken every Sunday.  You just can't get any better than that!  And try some of his organic vegetables and make a healthy meal for your family this weekend.

Cinnamon Shoppe - Rocco and Susan will be at the Ithaca Artists Market (Booth #28), July 31st.  Stop by and try one of their baked goods! Yum!

Fairie Homes by Diana McClure - Ever wonder where a fairie sleeps?  Stop by Sundays and Diana will show you!  She creates one-of-kind fairie homes from clay and natural elements.  She now offers smaller houses for single or two fairie homes as well as larger, family style homes.