© Allison Usavage Using your EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer, formerly known as food stamps) card at market couldn't be easier. At our Steamboat Landing markets, or our winter markets at The Space, just stop by the manager's office or booth, and ask them to complete a transaction for you. You'll swipe your card just like normal at a grocery store, EXCEPT that you'll need to stop by and make your transaction before shopping. Then, once your transaction is complete, along with your receipt you'll get an amount of wooden tokens in $5 and $1 denominations that matches your withdrawal from your card. Then, you can use those wooden "nickels" to shop at market. Generally, vendors round to the nearest dollar in order to avoid making change. In addition, there are several periods during the year in which the market receives "Fresh Checks" through a state grant. These checks are given to EBT users who make a transaction at market. For every $5 you spend at market, we give you a Fresh Check worth $2. This multiplies your spending power at market by 40%! We hope these options can make it easier for you to shop with us at our five weekly markets! At our satellite markets, the EBT service is offered through Cornell Cooperative Extension, and they will have a table set up to take EBT cards at most markets. Questions? E-mail a market manager at beccarimmel@ithacamarket.com or aaronmunzer@ithacamarket.com, or call (607) 273-7109 for more details.