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Ithaca farmers market The 2015 International Rutabaga Curling Championship will be held Saturday December 19 at the Steamboat Landing. Registration: 10:30-11:45 Festivities: NOON The sport of Rutabaga Curling was born on a cold December 1996 Market day, the last market day of the season. The few vendors present (perhaps 25 or so this time of year and point in our history) huddled together for warmth and camraderie waiting for an occasional customer. Talk at some point in the day turned to unusual winter sports. Curling of course came up in conversation. None of us knew the rules; but before we knew it vendors' wares were being "hurled" or "curled" down the market's wooden floor. Potatoes, cinnamon rolls, cabbages, loaves of bread, and even frozen chickens were fair game in this impromptu outburst. There were no particular rules this day; we were going for style, distance, and laughs.   Ithaca Festival For many years, the market has been a strong supporter and sponsor of the festival. For the last several years we have hosted the festival's concert held at Steamboat Landing, usually featuring the Sim Redmond Band. The tradition of Ithaca Festival started in 1977 as an arts festival called "Celebration Ithaca" which, since that memorable time, has continued to celebrate our extraordinary community and the creative spirit in each of us in a multitude of fantastic ways. Ithaca Festival has grown into a can't miss small town / big city event full of fun, talent, food, activity and made ever richer through the vitality of the thousands of magnificent people of all ages, interests and ethnicities that fuel I-Fest every year. Whether this is your first Ithaca Festival or your fourteenth, you'll find something you absolutely love about the experience.   Grassroots Festival The Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance started a long time back as a concert to benefit local AIDS support organization AIDSwork at the State Theater in Ithaca NY. Featured artists were Donna the Buffalo and pals The Horse Flies,and Neon Baptist. Encouraged by the success of that night, members of Donna the Buffalo conspired to create a festival that would continue to raise money for the fight against AIDS and other worthy causes, provide regional and national exposure for excellent local musicians, and expose the local and regional music lovers to excellent national and international artists. The idea proved a success, and with the help of zillions of volunteers, and the generous support of many friends in the musical community, GrassRoots came into being as an annual event. In the intervening decade(s), GrassRoots has grown from humble beginnings to become a nationally recognized event, unique in its focus on traditional and contemporary roots music, and one of the few self-sustaining non-profit arts organizations in the state.