Music Schedule

The Ithaca Farmers Market hosts musicians and performers from our community and from around the world every Saturday and Sunday from April until November.

2017 Music Schedule at the Pavilion


1st • Jane Doe

8th • Travis Knapp

15th •- Yamatai Japanese Drumming

22nd • Achilles Tenderloin + Big Red Marching Band

29th •-


6th • West Hillbillies

7th • Local Farmers Union

14th • Norra Star

21st • Crow Weaver and Hope Rongo

27th • Pete Panek

28th •Melissa Clark

June 17) *Brookton Bridge
* Travis Knapp 24)
* Wayne Gotltlieb 25)
* Miguil
July 1)
* JohnnyRusso 2)
* Nora Starr 8)
* Mellisa Clark 9)
* Cool Club 15)
* Pete Panek 16)
* Jane Doe 22)
* Colleen Kattau 23)
* Wayne Gottlieb 29)
* Travis Knapp 30)
* The Flipside
August 5)
* West Hillbillies / Canceled 6)
* Art Baker & The Planetary Mix Unplugged 12)
* Abby Lappen 13)
* Jenny 19)
* The Flipside 20)
* Uncle Joe & The Rosebud Ramblers 26)
* Cool Club 27)
* Charlie Young BOOKINGS ARE AVAILABLE AT STEAMBOAT LANDING FOR 2017-18. Please e-mail our music manager. We are looking for musicians to play at our Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday markets as well. For musicians: time slots for both days start at 10-11 a.m. and end at 2 p.m. To reserve your space at the pavilion, please contact Music Manager Crow Weaver at or 607 882-1021. Guidelines: The market pays nominal compensation for scheduled musicians only and sales of original music CDs and collecting tips are allowed. Compensation is less at our Wednesday markets, and compensation is not offered during the busiest season in July and August. Amplification of any kind must be approved by the Music Manager and the Market Manager, as well as playing space day of and the use of drum kits. Generally, musicians play in the amphitheater by the dock, at the circle end, and in open booths when they are available. Busking is allowed but musicians or performers seeking to busk or play music without a prior arrangement must first speak to the market manager to be given a space to play. Generally, performances are allowed between 9-10 and 2-3 on Saturdays, and 10-11 and 2-3 on Sundays, on either end of the scheduled musician.

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