New This Week – June 24, 2009

New This Week – June 27th:

· Cedar Adirondack - Stop by booth #37 to check out Dave Parelli’s beautiful cherry spoons. Handcrafted with a natural finish, these spoons would make the perfect gift for anyone who likes to cook or bake.

· McDonald Farm – In booth #19, Peter is now offering fresh chicken! These chickens were pasture raised and organically fed. Now available in whole birds, split halves, and whole legs.

· Rain Tree Farm – Ginny and Chris (booth #17) have just brought in new, eye-catching checker sets! Each board is created from a variety of fun quilt pieces with natural wood checkers. They have also expanded their building block selection, butter spreaders, and cutting boards.

· 17th Century Suds – Andy and Wendy Ives (booth #29) are now offering organic liquid soaps! Perfect for your hands, laundry, dishes, and shower. Also good for general household cleaning! Scents include: lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, patchouli, and unscented. Don’t just be clean, be green!