Rutabaga Fries … an excellent post-Curl snack!

Serve these up as a side dish or any way you would serve French fries! From the kitchen of Courtney Sullivan, at Humble Hill Farm and
You’ll need: 3 medium sized rutabagas 4 Tablespoons of oil ( pick your favorite) Olive oil, or melted coconut 1-2 teaspoons of sea salt (I know that may be a lot of some folks, but we wanted to enjoy these!) A dash of organic garlic granules
20130406-005723.jpg Selecting Your Rutabagas This is an example of the easies shape to work with. Tear drop + medium sized = overall more manageable. You can make the huge ones work also you’ll just need to cut them down more.
Wash, peel and prep your rutabagas for slicing.
Cut the top off and slice it in half. If your rutabaga is more homely and huge the goal is a flat slice off the bottom to create a stable base for safe slicing. If the bottom cut of your rutabaga is clean and level you will have a solid safe base to receive the pressure while you are carefully slicing those rutabaga slabs, which then become cut into fries.
Next cut up those rutabaga slabs into fry shaped slices.
20130406-011052.jpg From each half of your rutabaga you will have between 5-7 slab cuts. Divide your pile from each side in half and cut into fry like shapes.
Place these rutabaga fry shaped slabs into a large mixing bowl and season. 4 Tablespoons of oil Olive oil or melted coconut 1-2 teaspoons of sea salt A dash of organic garlic granules
A sprinkle of thyme (optional)
Add the freshly cut "fries" to a large bowl, add the oil and seasonings, mix and coat. Spread them out onto some cookie sheets
Place them into to a preheated oven 475 degrees. Cook at 475 for 10 min, then stir the trays and make sure the rutabaga slices are only browning, but not burning.Then lower the ovens heat to 450 degrees for another 15-20 minutes more baking time depending on how crunchy and crispy you want them. For extra crispy oven fries add more oil after the fries have baked for 20 min. Serving them hot is ideal! Enjoy