Spanakopita–A Spring Delight!

Here's a recipe highlighting products from Stick and Stone Farm and Snow Farm Creamery. It's a perfect farm pairing for this delicious dish and even highlights the many spring eggs available. Ingredients: Fillo dough - 1 box 8-10 oz of Snow Farm Creamery Fetish 3 bunches of fresh spinach 2 scallions or 1 medium yellow onion 2-3 T olive oil 2 clove grated garlic 1 T chopped fresh dill 1 T chopped flat leaf parsley. pepper 4 large eggs (I used 5 small) 1 stick butter (melted)
Wash, stem and chop the spinach. Sauté in batches with 1 tablespoon olive oil. (2-3 batches) Drain the spinach and squeeze out excess water. This keeps your spanakopita from getting soggy.
Sauté onions and garlic, combine with the spinach in a medium bowl. Beat eggs and stir into spinach. Crumble the Fetish cheese into the mixture, add fresh dill, parsley, and pepper to taste. Stir until combined. Remove the fillo dough from the box, unroll it, and cover with a damp cloth. You'll need to keep the fillo from drying out, so keep it covered between layering. Melt a stick of butter. Building the spanakopita is similar to building a lasagne. Start by coating a 9x13 baking pan with butter. Place 2 sheets of fillo in the bottom and coat with butter (use a pastry brush) layer spinach mixture on top. Cover with 2 sheets of fillo, coat with butter, layer spinach. Repeat until the pan is full. Finish with 4 sheets of fillo (coat with butter every 2 sheets) finish the top layers with a coat of butter. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Bake for 1 hour or until fillo dough is light brown and crusty. Pull from the oven, let stand for 15 minutes, cut and serve.