This recipe for a seasonal pumpkin pie is so fast you’ll love it!

Thanksgiving just isn't Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie, right?  You have 3 choices.  Make one from scratch, buy a frozen one from the store or make THIS one that is not as time consuming, but is far better than a store bought one.  The main ingredient is Knapp Farm's Pumpkin Butter from Knapp Farm, a local farm near Elmira, who have been operating a family farm for 208 years, 8th generation, now growing, processing and marketing specialty foods; jams, preserves, conserves, juices, salsa, vinegar, tarts and berries. Here's the recipe: For the crust: 1 cup flour 1/4 tsp salt 1/3 cup cold lard 1 tbsp cold butter 2 tbsp ice water For the filling: 2 cups Knapp Farm'sPumpkin Butter 4 eggs, beaten 2/3 cup evaporated milk or light cream 1/2 tsp salt a pinch of ground ginger, cloves and cinnamon


Combine flour and salt.  Cut in lard and butter until it's the size of peas.


Add ice water and stir with fingers or a fork lightly to combine.  Form into a ball.  Roll out on to a flour covered surface big enough to fit a 9" pie plate.


  Place in pie plate and use your fingers to make a nice edge on the crust.  Mix all the ingredients for the filling in a mixing bowl.  Fill the unbaked pie shell with the filling. IMG_20141115_220253862_HDR Bake at 350F for 40-50 minutes. IMG_20141116_070341501_HDR Enjoy! IMG_20141116_070807929_HDR Take note of the beautiful yellow yolked eggs in this recipe.They are from pasture-raised chickens fed organic grain from Straight-Way Farm.  Also, if you are unable to get the Knapp Farm Pumpkin Butter here at the Ithaca Farmers Market, you can find it at the Cornell Orchard Store.