Top Reasons to go to the Market

Top Reasons to go to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market this Weekend

  1. The fresh produce: Vendors have so many delicious fruits and vegetables to offer. They work hard year round to make this place is the market that everyone loves. Check out these local finds.

  1. Supporting local business: It’s so refreshing to know that my money is going straight to the business. Whether it’s for a good meal, fresh produce, or jewelry, they all support business in and around the Ithaca community. So cool!

3. The food: Wow. This list could go on for ages! There are so many options to choose from if you get hungry at the market… and trust me, you’ll get hungry!


4. The music: Every week there are different musicians around for you to enjoy. If you like unique sounds and amazing talent, come to the market the weekend and listen to some of the musicians that we host.

  1. The vendors: Every vendor has their own personality and it’s so easy to start a conversation with any of them. If you ask someone about their day, odds are you are going to get an honest answer. It makes the market more lively and fun!

  1. The community: The Ithaca Farmers Market helps make a community with authentic people. It’s a great place to bring visiting friends, family, or even to just go alone because it is such a warm and inviting atmosphere. Every time you go to the Farmers Market, you’re going to learn something new, and it makes the trip that much enjoyable!