What’s New – 10/8/11

Glenwood Farms - The weather is getting colder and it's time for stews and roasts!  Tammy also has 3 kinds of sausage steaks, burgers, and plain/cheese snack sticks!  Look for Glenwood Farms on Saturday or find them in Booth #6 on Sundays!

Verberg Photography/Far Mountain Soaps - Susan added a new line of unscented all natural goat's milk soaps!  Speciality soaps are homegrown and handmade!  And don't forget to check out her new postcards of the surrounding waterfalls! (Saturday/Sunday)

Straight-Way Farm - Denny and Marcia have a new supply of natural-raised beef - dry-aged 21 days!  SALE on ground beef - $4.50 per lb if you buy 10lbs or more, about 90% lean. (Saturdays/Booth #53)