What’s New – 11/26/11

Mt. Pleasant Woodworks - Jolene is having her annual holiday sale at the market this Saturday!  Wine bottle stoppers, bud vases, jewelry, and more!

Glenwood Farm - Come by and pick up a nice roast or brisket.  Tammy has a variety along with stew, burger, sausage, steaks and snack sticks!

Pleasant Valley Gardens - "Green Saturday" 4 hour Specials! Airplants in bloom!  Great organic produce and much more! Check out www.airplant.us/marketfresh for complete list!

Raintree Farm - Lots of utensils and games, new jewelry and coasters for holiday fun! (Booth #17)

Straight-Way Farm - Dennis and Marcia are celebrating the completion of their 26x72 hoop house!  They already have lettuce and all sorts of asian greens!  They will soon have spinach, radishes, and maybe some winter carrots!  And as always, they have natural-raised beef that is dry-aged for 21 days!  They have an abundance of stew meat, roasts,  and soup bones for your winter cooking pleasure.  Please stop by!  You'll know them by their sunflower tablecloth!