What’s New – 11/6/10

Sunrise Samosas - Bottled lime mint cooler, bottled with organic limes and no sugar added (sweetened with sweet herb Stevia). (Booth #65) Cotton Patch - Lots of 100% cotton, cloth napkins! Beautiful designs and look for SPECIALS! Glenwood Farms - Bison snack sticks are BACK! Tammy and Greg have roasts and stew meat for fall cooking. And don't forget the steaks, burgers, and sausages! Christi Sobel - Christi has a collection of paintings on exhibit at RasaSpa, second floor at Island Health & Fitness. Booth #84. Woodwind Farm - Joe and Judy Dell are finished selling pumpkins for the season. They thank you for a wonderful season and look forward to seeing everyone next year. If you would like one last taste of their pumpkins, visit the Bandwagon Brew Pub on N. Cayuga St. and try their "Pumpkin Ale," made from Joe and Judy's delicious pumpkins!