What’s New – 5/19/12

Keeley's Cheese Co. - Keeley has a farm cheese trail open house on Memorial Day weekend, 10 - 5 each day.  Come and visit the farm to see her cows and sample cheese & baked goodies! (Saturdays/Sundays)

Glenwood Farms - Tammy and Greg are now serving 1/3 lb. bison burgers!  They have cheese and plain snack sticks, burger patties, steaks, and hot/mild cased sausage for grilling! (Saturday/Sundays in Booth #75)

Raintree Farm - Ginny has plenty pf coasters!  (Booth #17)

Asian Taste - Check out their new website at www.saigonkitcenithaca.com!  And don't forget to grab one of the best egg rolls you'll ever taste in Booth #4! And the best lo mein, fried rice, summer rolls...