What’s New – 5/7/12

Glenwood Farms - Tammy and Greg are now serving bison burgers at market!  Cheese snack sticks are back, and they have plenty of burger patties and steaks for grilling along with lean sausage, cased or bulk. Booth #75

Frosty Morning Jewelry - New!  Precious metal clay rings in both sterling and fine silver!  Look for Sandy Saturdays or find her in booth #85 Sundays!

Natural Beginnings - Gary has 4" potted shrubs and trees!  Great plants at a great price!

Mt. Pleasant Woodworks - New square boxes made out of red oak with exotic wood inlays!  New batch of exotic wood bud vases fresh off the lathe! (Saturdays/ Sundays in Booth #41)

Straight-Way Farm - Dennis and Marcia have been busy building fences for their pasture-raised pigs.  They got their piglets Friday, so in about 3 months they will have natural-raised, pastured pork for sale! (Booth #53, Saturdays)