What’s New – 8/28/10

Keeley's Cheese Co. - Cheese washed with Treleaven's dry Riesling wine; soft and stinky raw milk cheese (Pondhopper).  Sundays!

Buried Treasures Organic Farm - Sugar baby watermelons; lucious leeks; tasty - tomatillos! (Sundays, Booth #39)

Six Circles Farm - In Booth #52, you'll find  a new garlic-scape dip (like a pesto with flavors of Italy!),  four varieties of heirloom garlic for eating and planting and  diversified fruits and vegetables from Caywood shore.

Pear Tree Studio - Mary is having a SALE on ALL pendants! Were $25, now $20! (Sundays, Booth #31)

On the Street - Don't look for those delicious gyros by Brian this week, because Brian is on VACATION from 8/24 to 8/29!  Have fun Brian!

Dancing Turtle - Ellen now has autumn olive berries!  A tart and sweet juicy red berry - a great accompaniment to meats and cheeses! (Sundays)