Zucchini Fritters and a Tzatziki sauce with an ingredient you’ll never guess!

Welcome the ever abundant zucchini to the Ithaca Farmer's Market. There are so many possibilities for recipes ranging from zucchini noodles to zucchini bread. Today, I present zucchini fritters. They are paired with a fresh basil Tzatziki and served up as a sandwich with turkey and sharp cheddar. Toss a few fresh tomatoes on the side for flavor and color. Delicious for a warm summer day or evening. Zucchini Fritters 2 medium zucchini grated 1 tsp salt 1/4 cup flour 1/4cup grated Parmesan 1 egg 2 grated garlic cloves Salt and pepper to taste.   Grate the zucchini and place in a colander  Sprinkle the salt over the zucchini, mix and let it set to drain in the sink. After about 10 minutes, rinse the zucchini and drain in a clean towel, ringing out excessive  water, Mix together the drained zucchini, flour, cheese, egg and garlic along with a little salt and pepper to taste. Oil a frying pan with olive oil and when hot, drop by heaping tablespoons into  the hot pan. Cook approximately 2-3 minutes per side until golden. Yields 6 fritters. I used the fritters as bread and built a sandwich with turkey and cheddar. And served it with a dollop of Tzatziki. image_1 Basil Tzatziki I medium cucumber peeled and seeded 1cup Greek yogurt drained 15 basil leaves Juice of lemon 2 garlic scapes 2 small garlic cloves Place the cucumber in a food processed with basil, garlic, and lemon juice ,  pulse until smooth. Add the yogurt and process a minute more. Taste and adjust with a bit of salt and pepper. image_2